Friday, March 29, 2013

Scout's Oath - Chapter 11

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Martin has told our hero that Rupor, crown prince of Tarteg and supposed future husband to Princess Callan, has escaped from his custody!

Before I could respond to Martin's pronouncement, the voice of Tristan Agrilla, better known as the Desert Doctor for his work among the southern desert tribes, called, "Martin!  I need stretcher bearers for the wounded." His eyes focused on me for the first time.  "Good to see you, lad!  Could you nip off and arrange a room for the wounded?"

"Of course, Mighty Healer!" I sketched a bow.

"Bah!  You sound just like that scamp, Nist," Tristan replied.  "Begone, boy!"

"We'll talk once the wounded are taken care of," I said to Martin, then dodged through the crowd to find Garrett.

Moments later, a line of stretchers was headed into Garrett's palace.  Callan and I watched, our worst fears realized when Tal and Sarn, two friends from our adventure in Faroon, were carried off.  Both were unconscious and very pale.  Bringing up the rear came Milo, his head bandaged, and his wounded sister, Kim.  Milo gave us a smile, but concentrated on helping Kim.  Finally, Martin joined us and we went to Lord Garrett's sitting room.

Garrett frowned when he saw Martin.  "I wish you'd let me clap this kidnapper in irons, Callie!  How can you even speak with the devil after what he did?"

"He took Faroon back from the trogs, uncle," Callan said, "saving the lives of thousand of Mordanian citizens, and his ships are the only ones currently searching for my parents.  In fact, he's the only commander in Mordan I trust!"

"That's an insult to-"

"Get over it, uncle," Callan said.  "I want to rescue my parents and I need Martin to accomplish that.  Now, Martin, tell us what happened."

"That's simple," Martin said, "my ship was attacked by Raoul and Ardhan Windslow!"

How could the Spare Prince and the disgraced, former Mordanian royal guard commander have attacked Martin's ship?  Find out in Chapter 12, coming Monday!