Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Scout's Oath - Chapter 1

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Fleeing unknown conspirators, our heroes prepare to search for the king and queen of Mordan!

Half a day had passed since we reached the rendezvous with Martin Bane's mercenary fleet.  Martin Bane, Princess Callan, and I had devised patterns for each of the airships involved in our search for Callan's parents.  Each airship's captain had been paid for past service and in advance for his assistance in the search.

"I have to wait here for two more ships," Martin said as the airships left to begin the search.  "They'll be here soon, but there's no reason you two should stay."

"Good," Callan said.  "I need to find out what's going on with my uncle, then we'll join in the search."

Callan's uncle, Lord Garrett, should have been acting as regent.  He'd been called home, before Their Majesties disappeared, to oversee the rescue of trapped miners.  Nothing had been heard from him nor the airship sent after him.

"I'll feel much better when Uncle Garrett takes over the regency," Callan added.

"Have you got Prince Rupor locked up below?" I asked Martin.

"Yes, David," Martin said.  "I've done this before -- former raider, remember?  I won't even tell him you've replaced him as Callan's husband-to-be."

We settled a few more details, boarded our borrowed airship, and set course for Pingor, home to Lord Garrett.  Ten hours later, the dim lights of Pingor came into view.  Callan answered the challenge from the airship on patrol and we were escorted directly to Garrett's palace.

As we landed, a pale woman hurried from the palace and wrapped Callan in a hug.

"Callan, you're safe!" she said.

"Aunt Michelle," Callan said, "my parents are missing!"

Michelle grew even more pale, "Missing?"

"Where is Uncle Garrett?" Callan asked.  "I must speak with him immediately."

"You can't," Michelle said.  "Garrett is being held hostage in the mine!"

How can our heroes hope to succeed against such a far-reaching conspiracy?  Find out more in Chapter 2, coming Friday!