Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Scout's Honor - Chapter 119

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Our hero has been caught robbing the Mordanian treasury!

            The blow didn't fall but, before I opened the door, Hunter's sword poked me in the back.
            "Make one move toward Her Highness," Hunter said, "and I'll run you through.  Your speed may save you, but I'll have the guards kill the boy."
            "How Tartegian of you," I said.  "You sure you're not a royal bye-blow?"
            "Why you-"
            "Quiet," I said, then opened the door.  "Your Highness, Captain Hunter would like a word with you."
            A look of alarm flashed across Callan's face, "Of course, David."  To the guards, she said, "Excuse me, gentlemen.  Milo, please stay here."
            I shut the door behind Callan.
            "He saw you?" she asked.
            I nodded, "You need to tell him everything."
            It took her two minutes and included our current plan.  It was the most succinct report I'd ever heard.
            "Those Tartegian blackguards!" Hunter exclaimed.  "I'll-
            "Do nothing," Callan said.  "Subtlety is the key to my parents' safety."
            "Must I formally 'request and require' your cooperation?"
            There must be more to that phrase than tradition because Hunter reacted as if he'd been slapped.
            "No, Your Highness!"
            "Good," Callan said, "because you're going to play a vital part in our plan."
            "He is?" I asked.
            "Imagine how much more believable my kidnapping will appear if Captain Hunter discovers it," Callan said.  "An hour from now, the Captain will realize I forgot to take my tiara, and he'll bring it to my room."
            "An hour?" I asked.  "What if Rupor takes his time showing up?"
            "Worry, instead, that Rupor reaches my room before we do," Callan said.  "Captain Hunter, have you a pen and parchment nearby?"
            "What do you have in mind?" I asked.
            "Watch and learn, darling," Callan said.  "Watch and learn."

Can Callan convince Rupor to come to her room?  Find out in Chapter 120, the last chapter of Scout's Honor, coming Friday!