Monday, February 25, 2013

Scout's Honor - Chapter 118

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Our hero has been caught robbing the Mordanian treasury!

            "You are a disgrace to Rob's memory and unfit to wear his sword!" hissed a voice behind me.
            I recognized the voice.
            "Captain Hunter, this isn't what it seems," I said, keeping my voice level.
            "Be silent!  I don't know how you fooled Rob and Her Highness, but you're not going to fool me," Hunter said.  "Was robbing the treasury the real plan all along, or just a contingency if the kidnapping failed?"
            "Neither.  I'm doing this under orders from Princess Callan," I said.  "She needs to pay her mercenary fleet to search for the king and queen."
            "She's got the Mordanian Navy at her command," Hunter countered.  "She doesn't need mercenaries."
            "The Regent commands the navy, not Callan," I said.  "And if those who hold Their Majesties knew Callan was on to them-"
            "Enough of this!  Her Highness is just outside.  Let's just ask her," Hunter said.
            "Fine," I replied, "but not in front of the other guards.  A wrong word from any of them could doom Callan's parents."
            "So you can take Her Highness hostage?  I don't-"
            I could no longer afford to delay.  Boost!
            I spun, knocked aside Hunter's blade and pinned him against the wall.
            Releasing Boost, I met Hunter's eyes, "I will die before I allow harm to come to the royal family.  Rob knew that.  It's why he gave me his sword."
            I released Hunter and turned toward the door.
            "If you don't believe me," I said, walking away from him, "pick up your sword and run me through!"
            Metal scraped on the floor as Hunter retrieved his sword.  Quick, steady footsteps approached.
            I walked on, waiting for Hunter to strike!

Will Captain Hunter strike down our hero?  Find out in Chapter 119, the next to the last chapter of Scout's Honor, coming Wednesday!