Friday, February 22, 2013

Scout's Honor - Chapter 117

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Our heroes are off to rob the Mordanian treasury!

            Our plan to rob the treasury was simple and went just as we had planned.  The two guards outside the treasury sprang to attention when they saw the princess approaching.
            "Your Highness!" said the guard who had brought Milo to Callan's room.  "We weren't expecting you.  Is anything amiss?"
            "Please be at ease," Callan said.  "Finally freed of obligations, I want to personally thank each of you for your handling of Milo's...youthful indiscretion.  Could you summon the guards from the treasury so I may address you all?"
            "We cannot leave the treasury unguarded, Your Highness.  Would you care to step inside?"
            "I'd rather not subject Milo to that quite yet," Callan said.  "He's quite embarrassed by his actions."
            Callan appeared to think for a moment.  "What if Captain Rice stands watch in the treasury while the other guards are out here?"
            "Your Highness," I protested, "my job is guarding you, not jewelry!"
            "Come now, David," Callan chided, "I'll have four guards to watch over me!"
            "Very well," I sighed.
            Seconds later, I pulled the treasury door closed.  The wealth in the room might have overwhelmed me, but Martin and Milo had told me what to take.  The chest full of gems was right where Milo said it would be.
            I began lining my pockets with gems, then filling small bags which I tied inside my pants.  Callan thought she could keep the guards occupied for five minutes, so I was dismayed when I heard a click after a couple of minutes had passed.  I spun to face the door and sighed with relief when I saw it remained closed.
            Then I felt the cold point of a sword against the back of my neck!

Who holds the sword?  Where did they come from?  And what do they want?  Find out in Chapter 118, coming Monday!