Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Scout's Honor - Chapter 116

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Our hero plans, somehow, to use five corpses to protect Callan's parents!

            I dragged the five bodies into Callan's room while Milo wiped up the blood in the hallway.  As long as no one was looked too closely, I didn't think anyone would see the stains.  I hoped we would only have to test that theory one time.
            Callan threw a blanket over the corpses.  "Okay, David, time to explain how five dead men are going to guard my parents."
            "They're going to kidnap you," I said.  "And Rupor."
            "Are you sure you didn't get hit on the head?" Callan asked.
            "No, dear," I replied.  "With a little artful placement of the bodies, we'll make it look like a band of armed men forced their way into your room.  The gallant guard died in the attack, as did four of the attackers.  When it's discovered you and Rupor are missing, the obvious conclusion will be another kidnapping.  Rutger will know his assassins failed, but he won't know what happened to you and the prince.  That uncertainty should shield your parents."
            Callan nodded, "It's the best plan we've got.  Quite good, given the short notice."
            "Body guards!" Milo burst out laughing.  "Because they're bodies.  Guarding."
            "That's a horrible pun!" I groaned.
            "Yeah," Milo smiled.
            "It looks like I missed some action," Martin said from the balcony.
            Behind him, bobbing on the breeze, floated the Pauline.  Nist was carefully checking the lines holding the airship to the balcony.
            We brought Martin and Nist up to speed on the events of the evening and our plan.  I left those two in charge of setting the stage in Callan's room.  Callan, Milo, and I went out.
            It was time to rob the treasury!

How will our heroes rob the treasury without alerting the guards inside and outside of the treasure room?  Find out in Chapter 117, coming Friday!