Monday, February 18, 2013

Scou'ts Honor - Chapter 115

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Our hero can only hold his own in his fight against three assassins!

            I heard the door open behind me.
            "Callan!" I said.  "Pull Milo into your room and bar the door!"
            "Don't be daft, David," Callan said, her voice steady.  "And could you stand in one place for a second or two?"
            I had no idea what she had in mind, but did as she asked.
            I heard a sharp snap over my shoulder and a crossbow bolt buried itself between the eyes of the assassin leader!  The confident grins vanished from the faces of the remaining assassins.
            "Don't let those two escape," Callan said.  "This crossbow is devilishly hard to wind!"
            "Try this, Your Highness," Milo said.
            "Oh, well done, Milo!" Callan said.
            I heard the crossbow hit the floor then Callan said, "Darling, duck!"
            I dropped to one knee.  The assassins looked perplexed.  Then the Onesie whined and the assassin who pretended to be a guard flew back against the wall, a fist-sized hole punched through his chest.
            I'd hoped to capture the remaining assassin, but he panicked and attacked wildly.  He died, impaled on my sword.
            I dropped Boost then swept Callan and Milo into a fierce hug.  "I'd have died if it weren't for the two of you!"
            "I picked your pocket when the fight started," Milo said.  "I was about to shoot when Callan opened the door."
            "You did fine," I said, tousling his hair.
            "Winding the crossbow took so long-" Callan began.
            I interrupted her with a kiss, "You did fine, too!"
            I gave them one last squeeze, "Let's clean up this mess."
            "You're not going to summon the guards?" Callan asked.
            "Nope," I said.  "These dead assassins may be the best body guards your parents can have!"

How can corpses act as guards?  Find out in Chapter 116, coming Wednesday!