Friday, February 15, 2013

Scout's Honor - Chapter 114

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Our hero is about to face off against five assassins!

            I played along, "Quiet, fool, or you'll disturb Her Highness!"
            The leader took a couple of steps forward, blocking my view of his three companions.  From the corner of my eye, I saw the other guard slowly reach for his sword.
            "This is the princess's room?" said the leader over the sound of blades being drawn.
            I grabbed the other guard and threw him into the leader.  As they went down, I stepped forward and kicked one of the other assassins under the chin.  His head snapped back with a crack.  Neck broken, the assassin fell.
            I'd hoped my sudden attack would scare off the others.  It didn't.  The two assassins still standing moved in with skill and deliberation.  Backing toward the door, I drew my sword and waited for their attack.
            The assassins pressed their attack with skill and coordination.  I was on the defensive, parrying their attacks and unable to mount any of my own.  Once I learned their rhythm, I went on the offensive.  I couldn't take time to setup attacks, as the other two assassins were getting to their feet.
            Taking a chance, I lunged at the assassin on the right.  My sword pierced his eye, sending him reeling back and screaming.  I jumped back just ahead of the attack from the other assassin.  Before I could take advantage of this, the other two joined him.
            It was all I could do to keep the three assassins at bay.  My sword flashed and I danced back and forth just ahead of their blades.  I found no opening for attack.
            The leader grinned, "Just be patient, lads.  He'll be dead soon!"

Is death inevitable for our hero?  Find out in Chapter 115, coming Monday!