Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Scout's Honor - Chapter 113

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In an unexpected turn, our heroes no longer believe King Damon is behind the plot to seize the throne of Mordan!

            I resumed my post and considered the identity of our mysterious foe.
            Queen Beatrice had conceived Callan's kidnapping and Raoul had gone along with his mother's plan to cast him as her heroic rescuer, but would they plot to put Rupor on Mordan's throne?
            Rupor would benefit greatly if the plot succeeded.  And I was less impressed with the prince after his petty attempts to irritate me.  But Rupor expected to end up on the throne of Mordan eventually.  Was he so impatient he couldn't wait?
            Or was someone else manipulating events, someone we hadn't even met?  My thoughts whirled for close to an hour before being interrupted by Milo.
            "Captain Rice?" Milo said.
            "Yes, Milo?"
            "I've been sitting here trying to figure out why this guard looks so familiar."
            The other guard's head spun around in surprise.  I studied his face and saw nothing familiar.
            "I don't know what you're seeing, but he doesn't look familiar to me at all."
            "He doesn't remind you of my friend Gort, from Faroon?" Milo asked.  "Remember him?  He's the one who kept an eye on us while you were fighting the trog leader?"
            I remembered Gort, all right, especially his attempt on my life!  And Milo, the clever lad, had warned me about the guard without the guard ever realizing it.
            I was turning an eye on the guard when four loud men staggered into the hallway.  They carried bottles of wine, weaved side-to-side as they walked, and spoke loudly.  Spotting us, one raised his bottle.
            "Comrades-in-arms," he cried, "let us drink to the safe return of our beloved princess!"
            I recognized his voice.  I'd heard it in the garden, plotting my assassination with Rutger!

Five trained swordsmen against our hero?  Can even his Boost save him?  Find out in Chapter 114, coming Friday!