Friday, February 8, 2013

Scout's Honor - Chapter 111

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Rutger, one of King Damon's men, and another man discuss plans to kill our hero!

            Signaling Callan to back away, I looked for a way through the dense hedge.
            "Callan?  Callan!" called Rupor.  "There you are!"
            Beyond the hedge, I heard footsteps fading into the distance.  So much for discovering the identity of my would-be-assassin.
            Rupor approached, Milo and a guard following.
            "Father came to your room to offer his condolences, but you weren't there," Rupor gave me a mildly suspicious look.  "Instead you're down here.  With him."
            Stepping forward, Milo offered Calan the wrap.  Callan settled it over her shoulders.
            "I often take walks after dinner.  Surely you understand why a guard accompanied me?"
            "Yes, of course," Rupor said, taking her arm.  "May I escort you back to your room?"
            The other guard and I fell in behind the royal pair.  I kept scanned for threats.  The other guard watched my future wife's backside.
            At her door, Callan turned to Rupor.  "Please tell your father I am touched by his concern."
            "I'll do so happily," Rupor replied, lifting each of her hands to his lips.  Darting his eyes to me, he said, "I know we are not properly wed, but I would beg a kiss ere I leave."
            Callan leaned forward to offer a peck on Rupor's cheek.  Turning his head, Rupor caught the kiss on his mouth, slipped his arms around Callan, and pulled her close.  Callan played her part, returning the kiss with just enough feigned ardor to satisfy Rupor.
            Callan gave Rupor a final smile and slipped into her room.
            Turning to the guard, Rupor said, "You're to join Captain Rice on watch.  Stay with him until you are relieved."
            Thinking he interfered with amorous plans, Rupor had interfered with our plans to rob the treasury!

Will this complication foil our heroes' plans?  Find out in Chapter 112, coming Monday!