Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Scout's Honor - Chapter 110

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A guard stands outside the door to Callan's supposedly empty room, trapping our heroes within.

            "Everyone except you was watching my backside?" Callan said, glaring at me.
            "Well, yes," I said.
            "You don't like watching my backside?" she asked, a smile cracking her glare.
            "Oh, barf!" Milo's eyes rolled.
            "Okay, Milo, your opinion has been noted," I said. "Let's figure a way out of here."
            "We could just walk out the door," Callan said.
            "Not without giving away your bolt hole," I said.
            "Hey, Martin came in through the balcony," Milo said.
            "It's a hundred foot drop," Callan said, "and we don't know how he got up here."
            "We've got to look," I said.  "There will be questions and suspicion if the two of us walk out of a supposedly empty room.  It could disrupt all of our plans!"
            "Wait a minute," Callan said.  "Maybe the two of us can't walk out, but Milo can!"
            "I can?" Milo asked.
            "Tell the guard I sent you back to fetch my wrap and you decided to grab a snack from the food tray," Callan said.  "Afraid you'd get in trouble, you hid on the balcony while King Damon was in the room.  You can lead the guard to the garden, where you'll say I've gone to walk."
            "And while he's leading the guard around, we slip out!" I finished.  "Let's do it."
            Everything went as planned.  Minutes later, we were in the garden, waiting for Milo.  I was about to speak when Callan shushed me and pointed deeper into the garden.  Indistinct voices floated to us.  We slipped closer.
            "Take no chances.  Use four or five men.  Are your instruction clear?"
            I identified the speaker as King Damon's man, Rutger.
            "Yes, sir," said an unknown voice.  "We're to kill her guard captain and get rid of the body!"

Is the king of Tarteg out to kill our hero?  Find out in Chapter 111, coming Friday!