Monday, February 4, 2013

Scout's Honor - Chapter 109

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Milo thinks he's discovered the entrances to secret passages within the palace!

            "They're secret rooms, not passages," Callan said.  "Places to hide if the palace is invaded.  Every bedroom and meeting chamber has one."
            "Where's the one for this room?" I asked.
            Callan walked to a side wall and pressed something.  A hidden door popped open next to her.  Taking a lamp, Callan led us into the room.
            It was small, only a few meters-  Feet.  They use feet on this planet.  I resolved to think in feet from now on.  The room was maybe ten feet by teen feet, spartan, but well provisioned.
            Milo began examining the walls while Callan and I inspected the weapons.  A voice from the bedroom interrupted us.
            "Callan!" called Rupor.  "Are you in here?"
            Milo shut the hidden door and blew out the lamp.
            "She's not here, father," we heard Rupor say.
            "I can see that," growled a voice.  King Damon, no doubt.
            "She's eaten the food we sent," Rupor said.  "Perhaps she took a walk after dinner."
            "I'll offer my sympathies another time," Damon said.  "Return to our guests, son.  I'll join you soon."
            A few seconds passed, then Damon said, "What do you see, Rutger?"
            A new voice said, "Two people ate here, Your Majesty."
            "Her new guard captain, no doubt," Damon said.  "You've seen him.  What were your impressions?"
            "Graceful.  Attentive.  Deadly," Rutger said.
            "Why attentive?" Damon said.
            "He walked three paces behind Princess Callan," Rutger said, "and never once watched her...uh, behind.  Something every other man was doing."
            "She's that beautiful?" Damon asked.
            "Yes," Rutger replied.
            "Isn't Rupor the lucky one," mused Damon.  "Post a man at the door.  Have him alert you when she returns."
            "Yes, Your Majesty," said Rutger.
            The door closed.  We were trapped in Callan's room!

With a guard waiting for our heroes to return to the room they're already in, how can they get out without making King Damon suspicious?  And if they can't get out, how can they hope to rob the treasury and kidnap Rupor?  Find out in Chapter 110, coming Wednesday!