Friday, February 1, 2013

Scout's Honor - Chapter 108

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Sent to fetch Callan's tiara and scout the treasury, Milo returns to our heroes in the custody of one of the treasury guards!

            "Stealing?" I asked, dumbfounded.
            "Yes sir," the guard replied, grim-faced.  "He was caught slipping a gold necklace into his pocket."
            Callan came to the door, "Milo, is this true?"
            Milo dropped to his knees, tears brimming in his eyes.  "I'm suh suh sorry, Your Highness!  I just...  There was so much gold and Kim and me are so poor!"
            Callan gathered Milo into her arms and drew him inside the room.  "Shhhh, Milo.  It's okay."
            "Please keep this episode quiet," I said to the guard.  "The boy saved both our lives in Faroon.  We'd rather he be known for his bravery than for this mistake."
            The guard smiled, "I grew up on the streets, myself, Captain.  You can count on me and my lads."
            The second I shut the door, Milo's tears stopped and he grinned.  "I knew lifting that necklace was a good idea!"
            "You what?" I asked.
            "The treasury was too lightly guarded," Milo said.  "I figured there must be hidden guards, so I pretended to steal the necklace.  Two of them popped out of hidden doors inside the treasure room."
            "You pretended?" Callan asked.
            "They wouldn't have caught me otherwise," Milo said, pulling three large gems from a hidden pocket and giving them to Callan.
            Callan and I exchanged stunned glances.
            "You did tell me to learn as much as I could," Milo said.
            "Very true," I said.  "Um, well done!"
            "There's more," Milo said.  "I got a close look at a hidden door when the guards shoved me against the wall then kept my eyes peeled on the way back here."
            I recognized his dramatic pause and played along.  "And?"
            Milo smiled, "I'm positive there are secret passageways throughout the palace!"

Secret passages would be a boon to our heroes!  Is Milo right about this?  Find out in Chapter 109, coming Monday!