Friday, January 4, 2013

Scout's Honor - Chapter 96

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An unlikely band of heroes plot to take back the Mordanian throne!

            "I wish I was as confident as you men," Callan said.  "We have little time left before the airship is ready.  Let's make what plans we may."
            Callan's gaze settled on the trog army.  "Martin, do you have airships assigned to escort the trogs out of the kingdom?"
            "Yes, Your Highness," he said.  "I've already issued the orders, including arrangements for the escorts ships to rejoin us near the capital."
            "Good," Callan said.  "Do you have room on your ship for Tristan, Kim, Tal, and Sarn?  I don't want to leave people I care about unguarded."
            Martin nodded.
            "You'll also need to keep Raoul," she added.  "Chained, preferably.  This whole plan will unravel if he gets free."
            Martin said, "We'll keep him under lock and key."
            "Don't move him to your airship until the Tartegians have left," Callan said.
            "Highness," Martin said, "I've been doing this kind of thing since you were five."
            "I'm sorry," Callan said.  "My father taught me to state the obvious because many are blind to it.
            "Milo," she continued, "go tell our friends what they need to do.  Tell Kim that David and I will take care of you.  Make sure Nist is at the airship."
            Milo saluted and ran off.
            "One other thing," I said.  "Keep a watch for Ardan Windslow.  I still don't know how he fits into all of this, but I'm sure he does."
            Meeting places and protocols were arranged and then the airship was ready.  Moments later, Nist guided the Pauline into the air.  The Tartegian warship moved ahead of us, leading the way to the city of Morda.
            The princess was finally going home.

After all the dangers our heroes have faced, will the Mordanian palace turn out to be the most dangerous of all?  Find out in Chapter 97, coming Monday!