Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Scout's Honor - Chapter 95

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Princess Callan tries to impress on Milo the danger he may face acting as her eyes and ears in the palace.

            Milo scratched his head, "But will people in the palace know I'm spying for you, Your Highness?"
            "Of course not!"
            "Will there be men like Gort trying to beat me and take my stuff?" Milo asked.
            "Certainly not!"
            "And the guards?  They're like David?" Milo persisted.
            Callan smiled at me, "No one is like David, Milo."
            Milo rolled his eyes, expressing his opinion of such romantic notions.  "But the guards won't be chasing me?"
            Martin burst out laughing.  "Milo, Her Highness is a smart woman, but she knows little of life on the streets.  Just tell her."
            Without a word, Milo pulled my Onesie from his pocket, holding it out to me.
            "I lifted it before taking the crewmen to repair the airship.  Just in case," he said.  "I was going to put it back!"
            The Onesie hadn't recharged.  I'd have to find time to teach Milo about it.
            "You're a- a-,' Callan sputtered.
            "Pickpocket," Milo said in a small voice.  "Does this mean I can't go to the palace?"
            Callan looked at me, at a loss.
            "Highness," Martin said, "life offers few options to orphaned boys.  Even fewer for young women."
            Callan gasped, "You mean that Kim is-"
            "No!" Milo almost shouted.  "That's why I'm a pickpocket!"
            Callan wrapped Milo in a tight hug.  "You work for me, now, Milo.  You and Kim will never have to worry about that life again."
            Milo wrapped his arms around Callan and flashed a grin at me, "Hey David, now I'm doing your job!"
            For once, Martin looked confused.
            "Guarding the royal body," I said.
            Chuckling, Martin said, "We're quite a team -- two lovable rogues, a beautiful princess, and an earnest hero.  How can we fail?"

Facing hidden dangers and perils within the palace, how can they not fail?  Find out more in Chapter 96, coming Friday!