Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Scout's Honor - Chapter 107

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David proposes robbing the treasury and kidnapping Prince Rupor this very night!

            "Tonight?" Callan and Martin said.
            "Sounds like fun!" Milo said.
            "We can't afford to wait," I said.  "If we're still here when Raoul arrives, we're finished.  King Damon will have Rupor and Callan wed immediately, Callan's parents will be killed, and they'll find some excuse to throw me in the dungeon to rot."
            "Perhaps a little haste is called for," Martin said.
            "Agreed," Callan said, sealing her instructions to the treasury guards.
            "Milo, learn as much as you can about the treasury," I said.
            "Okay, David!" Milo said, slipping out the door.
            "I'll be going, as well," Martin said.  "You two be careful!"
            When we were alone, Callan stalked to her wardrobe, flipped through racks of clothing, then pulled out a suit of riding clothes.  Tossing her dressing gown on the bed, she began pulling off her shift.
            I spun to face the other direction.  "Callan!"
            "What?" she replied.  "Oh, did I embarrass you?"
            "More like surprised me," I said.
            "Well, stop being surprised and come help me get dressed," she said.  "We're going to be married soon, so you'd better get used to seeing me naked."
            "If I ever get used to seeing you naked," I said, buttoning her blouse, "throw a wake and bury me!"
            Callan's lips brushed mine, "You say the nicest things, David."
            We were discussing the best route from the treasury to Callan's room when there was a knock at the door.  Hand hovering over my sword hilt, I opened the door.  One of the castle guards stood in the hallway, a hand tightly gripping the collar of Milo's shirt.
            "Captain Rice," said the guard, "we caught this boy stealing from the royal treasury!"

Apparently, the temptation of such wealth was too much for a poor street thief!  Will this derail our hero's plans?  Find out in Chapter 108, coming Friday!