Monday, January 28, 2013

Scout's Honor - Chapter 106

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Raoul has escaped from Martin Bane's custody!

            "How?" I asked.
            "Ardan Windslow," Martin replied.  "He recruited some street thugs and ambushed my crew when they were taking Raoul to the ship."
            "What about Kim?" Milo said.
            "Your sister is fine, as are Tristan, Sarn, and Tal," Martin said.  "They were already on the ship.  I waited until we were ready to leave before sending for Raoul.  Windslow ambushed them and got away with Raoul.  I ordered all airships grounded for one day.  That ought to delay any family reunion Windslow has planned, but that's all."
            "It's not your fault, Martin," I said.  "I should have made the search for Windslow a priority."
            "No, I-" Martin began.
            "Stop it, both of you!" Callan said.  "The two of you can argue blame to your heart's content after we've rescued my parents."  Callan's smirk returned, "Though I hope David can find better things to do with his time!"
            Martin laughed, "You're a lucky man, David."
            "I won't be unless we act fast," I said.  "We need an excuse to have Milo enter the treasury.  I need a scouting report on it."
            "I'll send him to fetch my tiara," Callan said.  "I'd be expected to wear it when meeting King Damon."
            Callan sat at a desk and began writing.
            "Martin, can an airship approach the palace undetected"
            "No, the steam engines make too much noise," Martin said.
            "Could one drift in on the wind?"
            "Maybe a small ship, like Tristan's Pauline, could do it," Martin said.  "And Nist is a better pilot than me."
            "Okay, send your ships around the city and north.  You ride with Nist.  I want the Pauline at this balcony by midnight," I said.  "We're doing the job tonight!"

How can our heroes hope to rob the treasury and kidnap Rupor with no time to plan?  Find out in Chapter 107, coming Wednesday!