Friday, January 25, 2013

Scout's Honor - Chapter 105

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Our hero proposes kidnapping the heir to the throne of Tarteg.  Plus robbing the Mordanian treasury.  And all in the next two days!

            Callan frowned, "Won't King Damon realize that we're on to him and then kill my parents?"
            "He might figure it out, but I'm working on ways to throw him off track," I said, "Either way, I don't think he'll risk killing your parents.  After all, we might retaliate on Rupor."
            "We'd never do that," Callan mused, "but Damon won't know it."
            "Dishonest men tend to assume all others are dishonest, too," I said.  "That should work to our advantage."
            "So, all we have to do is rob the treasury, kidnap Rupor, and escape past a Tartegian naval squadron," Callan said.
            "See?  Nothing to worry about!" I said.
            "How silly of me to worry," Callan said, kissing me.
            Time was starting to slip away when we were interrupted by a knock at the door.  I gently disentangled myself from Callan's embrace and opened the door.
            Milo strode in, carrying a tray laden with food.  His eyes widened at Callan's open robe and short shift.
            "Has David been guarding the royal body again?" Milo smirked.
            Callan returned his smirk, "Assiduously!"
            Milo blushed bright red and searched for somewhere to place the tray.
            Pulling her robe closed, Callan asked, "Have you been able to do any spying, Milo?"
            "Some, Your Highness," Milo answered.  "I found out why your uncle isn't Regent."
            At Callan's nod, Milo continued, "A mining tunnel collapsed in his province and he went to oversee the rescue.  An airship was sent for him when your parents disappeared, but it hasn't returned.  I bet the Tartegians stopped the airship!"
            A voice came from the balcony, "There's worse news."
            We whirled to see Martin Bane step into the room.
            "Raoul has escaped!"

If Raoul ever reaches his father, King Damon will learn that our heroes are wise to his plans!  What will our heroes do next?  Find out in Chapter 106, coming Monday!