Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Scout's Honor - Chapter 104

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Once Callan is safely married to Prince Rupor, the Regent plans to put Rupor on the throne of Mordan!

            "Crowned king?  But my parents aren't dead!" Callan protested.
            "All Mordan prays you are right!" Elias said.  "But I misspoke.  Prince Rupor will be appointed acting king."
            "I...see..." Callan said.  "All of this excitement has overwhelmed me.  I believe I'll take dinner in my room and then rest.  Rupor, please deliver my regrets to your father?"
            Concern for the health of his betrothed shone in his eyes as Rupor assured Callan he would do so.  She retreated behind her door and everyone except me left.  A moment later, Callan shooed her ladies-in-waiting out the door, shutting it firmly against their protests.  Several of them turned simpering smiles upon me.
            "All the palace is talking about Her Highness's mysterious new captain," one said.  "Please, please tell us of your adventures!"
            "I but did my duty," I said, "which also forces me, reluctantly, to ask you ladies to move along.  I cannot allow such beauties as yourselves to distract me."
            Giggling and whispering, the ladies-in-waiting also left.
            A moment later, Callan's door opened and she pulled me into her room.  She wrapped her arms around me and, for the first time since Rob died, wept.  I held her until the tears ebbed and waited for her to speak.
            "What can we do, David?" she asked.  "If Rupor gains the throne, I'm certain his father will kill my parents!  But if we run off, King Damon will guess we're onto him and he'll still kill my parents!"
            "Not if we rob both kingdoms at once," I said.
            "What do you mean?"
            "In the next two days, we're going to rob Mordan's treasury," I said.  "Then we'll kidnap Prince Rupor!"

Plot and counterplot!  But, with only two days to plan, can our hero ever hope to rob the treasury and kidnap Prince Rupor?  Find out more in Chapter 105, coming Friday!