Monday, January 21, 2013

Scout's Honor - Chapter 103

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The Regent has placed Tartegian King Damon in charge of the search for Princess Callan's parents!

            "His Majesty is an experienced and able naval commander," Elias continued.  "He'll have the search coordinated in no time!"
            "King Damon is a brilliant naval commander," Callan agreed, "as he demonstrated against Mordanian forces in two wars!"
            "That's all water under the bridge, today," Elias countered
            "I doubt our airmen will agree with you," Callan said.  "The older officers and men fought in the last war.  Many of the younger men had fathers who fought in it.  You can't expect them to simply forget about that!"
            "I expect them to be loyal and obey their lawfully appointed commander," Elias said stiffly.
            "My father taught me loyalty flows in both directions," Callan responded.  "Our people sacrifice much for us, none more than our men in the military.  By his actions, a ruler must show the people he respects their sacrifices.  You've done just the opposite!"
            Elias's face reddened under Callan's tirade, "I have done nothing you have not also planned to do!  The goal of your marriage to Prince Rupor was to unite Tarteg and Mordan under a single ruler!"
            "Yes, more than a generation from now!" Callan said.  "And that ruler would be a child of both Tarteg and Mordan -- not a Tartegian king who waged war against Mordan within recent memory!"
            "Then you should be all the more anxious to wed Prince Rupor!" Elias said.
            "I- What?" Callan asked.
            "After the wedding, I can lay aside the burden of the Regency," Elias said, "and Mordan's new ruler can appoint a new naval commander."
            "I thought I was too young to assume the throne," Callan said.
            "You are," Elias replied, "but Rupor is twenty-six.  Following the wedding, he shall be crowned king!"

Is placing Prince Rupor on the throne the ultimate goal of all of these convoluted plans?  Learn more in Chapter 104, coming Wednesday!