Friday, January 18, 2013

Scout's Honor - Chapter 102

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Lord Elias, Mordan's Regent, has announced that Princess Callan and Prince Rupor will be married in three days!

            Callan and I stared at the Regent, unable to speak.
            "Is that why you didn't meet Her Highness?" Rupor asked.  "A meeting to discuss our wedding?"
            "Indeed, Prince Rupor," the Regent said.  "I trust you are amenable to the decision?"
            Rupor turned his gaze upon Callan, who pulled her dressing gown more tightly sround herself.  Rupor's mouth widened into a smile.  I felt the urge to punch Rupor's smiling face, but I managed to resist it.
            Rupor said, "What man wouldn't be, Lord Elias?"
            "Quite," Elias said, as if Rupor's approval was all that was needed.
            "Not so fast, Lord Elias!" Callan found her voice at last.  "Let's think this through."
            "The Council of Lords has already done so, Your Highness," Elisa replied.  "After your kidnapping, the trog attack, and the tragic deaths-"
            "Disappearance!" Callan insisted.
            Elias flashed a patronizing smile, "Disappearance...of the king and queen, the people of Mordan are traumatized.  But there are two events which always raise the spirits of the people -- royal births and royal weddings.  We're nine months too early for a royal birth," the Regent chuckled, "but your safe return makes a royal wedding possible and the people's mood makes it desirable!"
            "No, it's not possible!  There's too much to do!" Callan insisted.
            "Pish posh," Elias tutted.  "People started planning the wedding the moment your father and King Damon agreed to it."
            "I'm not talking about the wedding!" Callan said.  "I have to recall the fleet and coordinate the search for my parents!"
            "You needn't worry your pretty head over that, Princess Callan," Elias said.  "The search is in excellent hands!"
            "Whose?" Callan asked.
            Lord Elias beamed, "Your future father-in-law, King Damon!"

With the king of Tarteg in charge of the Mordanian navy, how can our heroes hope to find the king and queen of Mordan?  Find out more in Chapter 103, coming Monday!