Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Scout's Honor - Chapter 101

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The Regent's guards order our hero to stand aside as the Regent demands an audience with Princess Callan!

            I did not stand aside.
            "I believe you misspoke," I said.
            The guard's face hardened, "I said stand aside and meant it!"
            "That wasn't where you misspoke," I told him.  "It was the bit where the Regent demands an audience.  I'm quite certain you meant requests an audience."
            The tall, nervous man said, "Young man, who are you to question my demands?"
            "David Rice, captain of Her Highness's Royal Guard," I said
            The Regent frowned, "Captain Vonsteader did not survive to return home?"
            I shook my head.
            "Who appointed you?" the Regent asked.
            "Captain Vonsteader," I said, "as he lay dying in Her Highness's arms."
            "A royal post requires a royal appointment," the Regent said.  "Captain Vonsteader was not royalty!"
            The door behind me opened.
            "But I am!" Callan said.
            "Y-y-your Highness," the Regent babbled, "you're not decently attired!"
            Wearing a thin dressing gown and showing an enticing length of leg, she was quite beautiful to my eyes.
            Callan's eyes flashed, "Then you can imagine just how indecent I'd have looked had Captain Rice allowed you to barge into my room!"
            Crossing her arms, Callan once again managed to look down on a man taller than she, "What do you want, Lord Elias?"
            "Well, I...  Um, that is," Elias stammered, "the plans must be made!"
            "What are you talking about?" Callan asked.
            Lord Elias took a deep and, I hoped, calming breath, "Your wedding!  To Prince Rupor!"
            "Well, yes," Callan said, "but I don't understand your rush.  We have plenty of time for that."
            "No, Your Highness," Elias said.  "After all of the recent disasters, I've decided the kingdom needs something to celebrate!  You and Prince Rupor will be wed in three days!"

Can our heroes delay the wedding without giving away their (mostly) secret engagement or will they have to rob the treasury in less than three days?  Find out in Chapter 102, coming Friday!