Monday, January 14, 2013

Scout's Honor - Chapter 100

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Wishing candor, Prince Rupor asks our hero about Prince Raoul.

            I looked into Rupor's eyes and saw deep concern; but was it for his brother or for what I might say about his brother?
            "We battled trogs together aboard the airship bringing Her Highness back to Mordan," I said.  "Prince Raoul's a skilled swordsman."
            "Few people are aware of that," Rupor said, flashing a smile which never reached his eyes.
            "That's hardly surprising, considering," I cast caution to the wind.
            Rupor's tone hardened, "Considering what?"
            "Considering Raoul is a coward," I said.
            "How.  Dare.  You!" Rupor spat each word.
            "I'm sorry, Your Highness," I said, "I'll remember to tell outrageous lies next time you ask for candor."
            Rupor's hand moved toward his sword.  I'd had enough.
            My blade was pressed against Rupor's neck before he'd even begun to draw.  Rupor's eyes widened and he went very still.
            I released Boost, "Do you truly want candor, Prince Rupor?"
            He nodded.  I sheathed my sword.
            "Raoul was with us when our airship went down in Faroon, the city captured by the trogs," I said.  "We found ourselves trapped in an alley, trogs blocking both ends.  A boy dropped a rope  from the rooftop.  I called for Raoul and me to defend each side while Her Highness and the rest climbed the rope."
            Rupor closed his eyes, "Raoul abandoned you?"
            "He was the first one up the rope."
            "How did you survive?" Rupor asked.
            "I ran back and forth a lot," I replied.  "Raoul just ran."
            "Thank you for your candor,"Rupor whispered.
            Before I could respond, three guards and a tall, nervous man came approached.
            "Stand aside," a guard said to me, "the Regent demands an audience with Princess Callan!"

No, Chapter 100 wasn't the end of the story!  Find out what happens next in Chapter 101, coming Wednesday!