Monday, December 31, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 94

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Princess Callan announces her plan to rob her own treasury!

            "We're going to what?" Martin and I asked.
            "Don't worry, I'll pardon us once I've secured the throne," Callan grinned before turning serious again.  "Tarteg has waged covert war against Mordan, has scattered our navy and, under benign pretenses, replaced it with their own.  My parents have vanished and a pretender is Regent.  I don't know who I can trust in the palace.
            "I must have my own forces or the war is lost!"  Callan said.  "Martin, what will happen to your fleet if they don't get paid?"
            "Your Highness," Martin replied, "My ship, my men, and my sword are yours to command.  The prospect of raiding your treasury will keep the others around for a while.  But if you fail..."
            "They'll leave and the war will be lost," Callan said.
            "We will not fail, Callan," I said, summoning every bit of confidence I could muster.
            Martin barked a laugh, "The Tartegians won't know what hit them!"
            I cast a quizzical glance at Martin.
            "Two weeks ago, I was kidnapping Her Highness.  Two minutes ago, I all but swore fealty to her!" Martin said.  "I blame you for that, David."
            I smiled, "Or maybe it's just your academy training coming back to you."
            Milo ran up, breathing hard.  "Your ship will be ready within the hour, Highness!"
            "Milo, how would you like to be a page in the palace?" Callan asked.  "It will be dangerous!"
            Milo asked, "Are there girls in the palace?"
            "Many," Callan smiled.  "I'm sure they'll find a veteran of the trog war quite fascinating."
            Milo grinned, "I'm in!  But why is being a page so dangerous?"
            Callan's smile vanished, "Because you'll be my eyes and ears inside the enemy camp!"

Outside of their small circle of friends, is there anyone our heroes can trust?  The search for the answer to that question begins in Chapter 95, coming Wednesday!