Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 92

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Was the betrothal between Princess Callan and Prince Rupor a ruse?

            "The Tartegians waited until they had everything in place, then began negotiating the betrothal," Callan said.  "I thought it would mean an end to all the wars between our countries.  Instead..."
            I dared not draw Callan close, to offer comfort.  Not with a Tartegian airship above us.
            "Martin, send some men to repair Tristan's airship?" I asked.  "Milo can lead them to it."
            "Consider it done," Martin said.
            "Also, except for the trog escort, have your ships prepare for departure," I added.
            Martin nodded and left with Milo.
            "What are you planning?" Callan asked.
            "We're going to get you out of here," I said to Callan.
            "No, David," Callan said, "I cannot -- I will not -- hide in my own country!  I must discover why Lord Elias is regent instead of my uncle.  And I must watch Prince Rupor's eyes when he tells me about finding my parents' airship."
            "You're planning on sailing right into their hands?" I asked.  "Are you crazy?"
            "No," Callan flashed a devious smile, "I'm distraught.  Just a worried, silly young woman looking to her man for care and comfort in a crisis."
            "I hate to tell you, Callan, but no one who knows you is going to believe that for a minute!"
            "That's sweet of you to say, David, but you're wrong," Callan said.  "Lord Elias, the pretend Regent, is a weak, malleable man who hardly ever spoke to me.  And the only Tartegian who knows me at all is Raoul, and we have him.  King Damon and Prince Rupor will believe my act.  That will give us a chance to get some answers."
            "And then?" I asked.
            "And then, we make them pay!"

How can Callan make good on her threat?  Find out in Chapter 93, coming Friday!