Friday, December 21, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 90

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Princess Callan's parents, the king and queen, are missing!

            Too much had come at Callan too quickly.  She dropped to the ground, bowed her head, and wept.  I sat down and pulled her close.
            I looked up at Bane, "Talk to the trog leader.  Find out if he had scouts out as far as those uninhabited lands where they found Callan's airship."
            "I don't need to ask him," Bane said.  "It would take weeks for trogs to reach that airship, if they could reach it.  The area is almost inaccessible on foot."
            "How do you know?" I asked.
            "Because I crashed Callan's airship," Bane said.  "On the orders of my former employer."
            "But why?" Callan asked.
            Bane mused, "I'd guess so the Tartegians to dangle it as bait for your parents."
            "Then my parents are dead," Callan said.
            Bane thought a while before answering, "No.  They're probably being held somewhere, unaware of who holds them, available for 'rescue' if events require it."  He shrugged, "At least, that's how I'd do it."
            "But why go to all this trouble when the wedding would give us a peaceful unification of Tarteg and Mordan?" Callan said.
            "King Damon of Tarteg will be long dead by that time," Bane said.  "He's not known to be a patient man."
            Standing, I said, "Wait here a moment while I speak with the Great One."
            When I returned, they looked expectantly at me.
            "Remember the human translator for the trogs?" I said.  "The Great One says the plan to form an army and invade Mordan was concocted by the translator."
            "Does this translator have a name?" Bane asked.
            "The trogs call him Hard Hand Wind Low."
            Callan cried, "Ardan Windslow?"
            Bane exclaimed, "But he's dead!"

Who is Ardan Windslow?  Find out in Chapter 91, coming Monday!