Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 89

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Princess Callan has just learned the king and queen -- her parents -- are missing!

            "How can my parents be missing?" Callan asked.
            The Tartegian captain replied, "A week ago, the wreckage of your airship was spotted in the uninhabited lands between our countries.  Your parents boarded a ship immediately, leaving before a proper escort could be formed.  The escort found their ship in flames, near the wreckage of your ship."
            "And my parents?"
            "The bodies were burned beyond recognition, Your Highness," the captain said.  "They may be missing, but..."
            Tears streaming down her face, Callan asked, "What happened?  How did the ship catch fire?"
            "There were trogs among the dead, Your Highness."
            "But there are no trogs in the uninhabited lands!" Callan said.
            In answer, the captain waved a hand toward the trogs sitting nearby.
            "Your Highness," the captain said, "we also seek Prince Raoul.  Is he with you?"
            "I'm sorry, the prince and I followed different paths," Callan said.
            "Very well.  And now I must act upon the arrest order for Martin Bane."
            "You will do no such thing," Callan said.  "Martin Bane now serves me and is under my protection."
            "But the order-"
            "Is countermanded, captain!" Callan took the order from the captain.  "With my parents missing, I rule Mordan!"
            "Not until your twenty-first birthday, Highness, six months away," the captain said. 
            "A Tartegian argues Mordanian law with me?" Callan said.  "Return to your ship while I confer with my advisors."
            The captain wanted to argue, but three of Bane's ships were drifting into position surrounding the Tartegian warship.  The captain returned to his ship.
            "Is he wrong?" I asked.
            "No, but that's not our real problem," Callan said.  "My uncle should be Regent, yet another lord's signature is on this order!"

Where are Callan's parents?  Who is the Regent?  And what happened to her uncle?  Find out the answer to one of these questions in Chapter 90, coming Friday!