Monday, December 17, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 88

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A Tartegian warship prowls Mordanian skies in search of Martin Bane!

            "Why is a Tartegian warship be enforcing a Mordanian royal order?" Callan called.
            Murmurs of assent rose from the people in the park, all of whom had stopped to watch this drama play out.
            "I am not in the habit of explaining myself to random young women," the officer said, contempt in his voice.
            Conversation in the park died away at this response, so my next words were heard by all.
            "The proper form of address is 'Your Highness,' and I will hear respect in your voice when next you speak!"
            Callan crossed her arms and did something I would have said was impossible if I hadn't witnessed it.  She looked down on a man floating twenty-five meters above her.
            "Princess Callan?" the officer exclaimed.  "Can it be?"
            Around us, voices rose again, this time in excited speculation.
            "You have not answered my question, captain," Callan said.
            "Of course, Your Highness," the captain said.  "I'll be right down!"
            As the crew scrambled to lower their captain, Bane said, "What is your intention, Highness?"
            "Have no fear, Martin," Callan said, "I will honor our agreement."
            "I had no doubts on that score, Highness, but if you expect a fight I must signal such to my men," Bane said.
            "Forgive me for misinterpreting your question, Martin.  I do not expect a fight," Callan said.
            The captain marched up to Callan and bowed.  "Your Highness, I am pleased to find your safe and well!  To answer your question, we enforce the order of arrest at the request of the Regent, himself."
            "Regent?  What of my father?" Callan asked.
            "I am sorry to be the bearer of ill tidings, Your Highness.  The king and queen are missing!"

What happened to the King and Queen of Mordan?  Find out in Chapter 89, coming Wednesday!