Friday, December 14, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 87

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Callan has just accepted our hero's marriage proposal when they discover a Tartegian warship is bearing down on the city, in pursuit of one of Bane's ships!

            Damn the Tartegians!  I didn't even get to finish kissing Callan!
            "Tal, how are you feeling?" I asked.
            "I'm okay," he said.  "Gort didn't hit anything vital, just my head."
            "You're in charge of Raoul.  You won't need brains for that; just keep him quiet and out of sight.  I don't care how you do it provided there's no permanent damage."
            Tal grinned and gave a mock salute.
            To Bane's crewman, I said, "Get some men and get rid of that body."
            The crewman gave a better salute and left.
            "Tristan, do you need anything?"
            "I'm fine, lad," he said, "though Nist could use some help mending my airship."
            "I'll add it to my list," I said.  "Milo, come with us in case we need to send a message back here."
            Milo grinned, falling in behind us as I took Callan's hand.
            The park was bustling when we arrived.  Bane had men guarding the trogs, tending the sick and wounded citizens, and patrolling the streets of the city.
            "What news?" I called.
            Bane turned, noting that we were holding hands.
            Arching an eyebrow, he said, "I suspect you're the one with the news.  Do you think her father will approve?"
            "When he hears what David has done for me," Callan smiled, "and what Raoul and his mother have done to me, I think he'll come around."
            The returning airship drifted over us, dropping lines to crewmen on the ground.  Close behind came the Tartegian warship.  Armed men crowded its rails.
            An officer, his voice booming, called, "We seek the man called Martin Bane.  I hold a royal order for his arrest!"

Could this be a ploy to silence Martin Bane forever?  Find out in Chapter 88, coming Monday!