Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 86

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Our hero has proposed to Princess Callan and awaits her answer!

            "Idiot!" said Raoul through clenched teeth.  "She's betrothed to a Tartegian prince.  She wouldn't give that up for yargh!'
            "Sorry," Tristan spoke in monotone.  "My hand slipped.  Did that hurt?"
            "Raoul, your counsel is neither sought nor desired," Callan said.  "I have already received far wiser advice on this matter than you could ever give."
            "When?" I asked.  "I just popped the question!"
            "Days ago, under the city of Beloren," Callan said.
            "You mean Rob's last words to you?"  I remembered Rob pulling Callan close and speaking softly, just before giving me his sword.
            When Callan nodded, I added, "But he made his opinion extremely clear when we kissed on the airship, before the sandstorm."
            "He hadn't known you very long then," Callan said.
            "He hadn't known me much longer when he died," I said.
            "Rob was a shrewd judge of character, David, and you impressed him."  Callan looked into my eyes.  "He told me, 'Marry Rupor if you must.  Marry David if you can.'"
            Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Raoul open his mouth.  Tristan shoved a liquor bottle into Raoul's mouth and turned the bottle up.
            "So, must or can?" I asked.
            "Can," Callan said, kissing me.
            Our friends cheered so loudly we couldn't even hear Raoul's outraged sputtering.
            "David Rice?" a voice rose over the cheering.
            One of Bane's men stood in the doorway.
            "How did you find us?" I asked.
            "I ain't deaf, son," he said.  "Cap'n's compliments and would you come with me?"
            "What's happening?" I asked.
            "Cap'n sent a ship to the capital after we won the air battle," the man said.  "It's been sighted returning, pursued by a Tartegian warship!"

What is a Tartegian warship doing in Mordan and what does it mean for our hero and his intended?  Find out in Chapter 87, coming Friday!