Monday, December 10, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 85

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Our hero plays dead, waiting for Callan to use the crossbow shaft he has given to her.

            Raoul grabbed Callan by the shoulder and pulled her back.
            "That's enough, Callan," he said.  "These histrionics are beneath a woman of your station!"
            "You will pay for all you have done," Callan said.  "In pain and blood, you will pay!"
            Callan stabbed the crowbow tip into Raoul's thigh, twisting the shaft as it sliced through muscle.  Raoul screamed and Callan spun away from him.
            Gort raised his crossbow to shoot.  The whine of the Onesie echoed in the small room and Gort's crossbow exploded as my hasty shot hit it.  Splinters tore into Gort's face and neck.  Gort opened his mouth and blood fountained from it.  He dropped, his body quivering as his life drained onto the floor.
            Raoul was sagging in the corner, his face white, as I pressed my sword to his throat.
            "Give me an excuse, Raoul," I said, a line of blood welling under my blade.
            Raoul's knife clattered on the floor.  I swept it away with my foot.  Taking it, Callan cut our friends free.
            Tristan came straight to Raoul, rubbing his wrists and shaking his hands.
            "Bring my bag, Nist.  I'll remove the shaft as soon as feeling returns to my hands."  Gesturing toward Gort's still-jerking body, he added, "Milo, cover him."
            Callan's arms wrapped around me, pulling me close.
            "Don't ever scare me like that again!" she said, tears soaking into my shirt.
            "As you wish."
            Milo said, "Kim, he keeps saying that to her.  Does it mean he loves her?"
            "Yes," Kim replied.
            "Then why doesn't he just say it?" Milo asked.
            Why indeed?
            "Callan Debah Lois Antrulta Ziliah Villas, I love you," I said.  "Will you marry me?"

Has our hero taken this a step too far?  Can Callan, betrothed to Prince Rupor of Tarteg, do anything other than refuse?  Find out in Chapter 86, coming Wednesday!