Friday, December 7, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 84

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The hero has returned to the hiding place, only to be met by the thug, Gort, armed with a crossbow!

            The scene inside the hiding place seared into my brain.  Tristan, Nist, Milo, Sarn, and Tal sat huddled in the far right corner, hands bound and eyes wide.  Milo's sister Kim lay in the small bed beside them, hands bound to the bed, watching through heavy-lidded eyes.  Gort crouched in the left corner, feral grin splitting his face as the crossbow tracked toward me.  Raoul, somewhere to the left of the doorway, probably with a knife at Callan's throat.
            My sole advantage was that neither Raoul nor Gort had seen me Boost.
            The twang of the crossbow stretched as time slowed.  I fell backward, raising my hands as if to ward off the bolt.  My hands caught the bolt just short of my head.  I cried out, masking the sound of the bolt as I snapped it in two.
            Dropping Boost, I lay twitching and thrashing as the throes of death.  I scraped the bolt tip over my forehead, just above my right eye, and held the back end of the arrow over the eye.  Blood flowed from the cut.  Hiding the bolt tip against my left forearm, I let that arm flop to the ground and held my left eye open and unmoving.
            "Well?" asked Raoul.
            "Got him through the eye," Gort crowed.
            Callan moaned as Raoul said, "Make sure he's dead."
            Gort approached cautiously and saw what he expected to see.  Grabbing my foot, he dragged me into the room.
            "David!" Callan shrieked.
            Pushing aside knife Raoul had let drop when he saw me, she dropped to my side, blocking the view of both prince and thug.
            I thrust the bolt tip into her hand, whispering, "I'll wait until you make the first move!"

What will Callan do and will surprise be enough to tip the balance in our hero's favor?  Find out in Chapter 85, coming Monday!