Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 83

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A pool of blood is all there is to be found of Tal, our hero's lookout!

            Bane and his men came with me to examine the scene on the rooftop.  When I'd seen Tal last, he'd been kneeling right next to the puddle of blood.  I assumed the blood was Tal's, but who had attacked him?
            One of Bane's crew found the blood-stained club on the ground below the roof.  It was one of the table legs Sarn had used to fight the trogs last night.  Only one person had been in the bar when we'd left.
            "I know who attacked Tal," I said, "but I'm his real target."
            "You need to work on your people skills," Bane said.  "What did you do?"
            "Ruined his little gang, which included Tal," I said.  "I've got to make sure Callan is safe.  We can search for Tal after that."
            "Want me to come with you?" Bane asked.
            "No," I sighed.  "The situation between the trogs and humans isn't stable.  I need you to keep it under control."
            Bane nodded, then pulled my Onesie out of his pocket.
            "You'd better take this," he said.  At my incredulous look, he grinned, "It wasn't ruined, just depleted.  Yes, I lied.  Raider, remember?"
            Pocketing the gun, I ran off.  When I was close to the hiding place, I scanned for blood or signs of a struggle.  I didn't see anything, but had to assume Gort got here ahead of me.
            At the door, I knocked out the signal we'd agreed on then pushed the door open.
            Gort sat against the far wall, the crossbow aimed at me.
            "It's him," Gort said.
            Raoul's voice came from one of the corners nearest the door, "Shoot him!"

What can our hero do to save himself and what is the fate of those he left in the hiding place?  Find out in Chapter 84, coming Friday!