Monday, December 3, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 82

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In the confusion of the trog round up, the translator has vanished!

            "You look like you've lost something, Rice," Bane called from above.
            "Someone.  A man who was working with the trogs," I said.  "Steel gray hair, scraggly beard the same color, bare chested.  Can you see him from up there?"
            It was a futile hope.  With all the freed people looking for loved ones, shouting, cheering, and crying, I had no illusions that Bane would find the translator.
            "No," Bane said, scanning the crowded scene, "but I'll have my crew keep watch."
            I had a feeling the translator would come back to haunt me, but I had other things to worry about now.
            "Drop a line and come on down," I told Bane.  "We've got some planning to do."
            After Bane and some of his men were down, I said, "You cut it a little close there at the end.  What took you so long?"
            "We had to free the crews of the trog airships," Bane said.  "It took a while."
            "Callan will be pleased," I said.  "Mentioning Callan, I need to get word to her.  I've got a crossbowman on that rooftop.  His name is Tal.  Can you send someone to get him?"
            Bane sent a crewman, then asked, "What are you going to do with the trogs?"
            "Yes, tell now," said the Great One.
            "I'm going to send them home," I said.  "Unarmed and escorted by some airships."
            I turned to the Great One, "If you ever attack Mordan again, I won't be this merciful."
            The trog nodded and started toward the sitting trogs.  "I tell them."
            Bane's crewman returned at a run.
            "I checked the roof," he said.  "All I found was a puddle of blood!"

What has happened to Tal and who did it?  Find out in Chapter 83, coming Wednesday!