Friday, November 30, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 81

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Our hero is all who stands between the city's citizens and the advancing trogs!

            The screams of terrified people filled my ears.  The trogs advancing, spears lowered, filled my vision.  The threat of Boost Burnout filled my mind.  The sorrow that I would never see Callan again filled my heart.
            Above the screams, I heard my blood roaring, ready for the Boost.
            A trog stumbled and pitched forward!  Another dropped his spear and clutched his arm!  A third toppled backward!
            Crossbow bolts rained on the trogs!  The roaring hadn't been my blood!
            A shadow fell across me as Martin Bane's airship rumbled overhead, so low I could count the rings on his fingers!  His fleet flew around his ship, every one with rows of sailors firing crossbows!
            Bane sketched a salute but kept his attention on the firing line.
            "Drive 'em back, lads!" he called.  "And watch out for that man with the sword.  Her Highness will be quite put out if we damage him!"
            Confused, frightened, wounded, the trogs fell back before the onslaught.  Bane's airships encircled the trogs, driving them into a mass in the center of the park.  One trog finally made a big show of throwing down his spear.  Others followed until none of the trogs were armed.
            "Cease fire!" Bane bellowed.
            The sailors stopped shooting but kept their crossbows trained on the trogs.
            I ran over to the Great One, who was groaning but still laying on his back.
            "Get up!" I said, grabbing his arm and pulling.  "Now, tell your army to sit down and wait for further orders."
            The big trog spoke and the trogs sat.
            "What now?" he asked me.
            "That depends on your translator," I said, looking around.
            I didn't see him anywhere.  The translator had escaped!

Who is the mysterious translator?  Where has he gone?  Find out in Chapter 82, coming Monday!