Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 80

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Our hero has defeated the trog leader in single combat!

            My proclamation was echoing back when the penned prisoners began cheering.  That was a pleasant change from the translator's  I-hope-you-die-in-agony glower.  The trogs were silent.
            Retrieving my sword, I walked over to the translator.  I grinned into his glower.
            "Do you have any idea," he said, "how long it took me to manipulate the trogs into this campaign?"
            "Don't know.  Don't care."
            "Fifteen years!" he cried.  "And you ruined it all in fifteen minutes!"
            "You give me too much credit," I said.  "I've been in the city since yesterday afternoon.  It's more like fifteen hours."
            The translator's face went purple with rage and he took a swing at my jaw.  I stepped aside, grabbed his wrist, and flipped him onto his back.
            Standing over him, I said, "As the new leader of this army of trogs, I order them to go home and disperse."
            I waved toward the trogs, "Translate that order."
            The translator stood and shouted something in the trog language.  The trogs hefted their spears and all turned toward the human prisoners.  The cheering within the pen died as the trogs closed in.
            I smashed the pomel of my sword into the translator's head then ran toward the prisoners.  I dodged through the trogs, ready to Boost if any of them attacked.  None did.
            Breaking through the trog ranks, I took a defensive stance before the prisoners.
            "No!" I shouted, waving my sword.  "I didn't order this!"
            The trogs didn't understand a word I said.  Maybe they thought was urging them on.  Maybe they thought I was crazy.  But hundreds of relentless trogs advanced on the captive citizens of Faroon!

Can our hero save the captive humans from hundreds of trogs?  Find out in chapter 81, coming Friday!