Monday, November 26, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 79

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The trogs surrounding our hero lower their spears and advance!

            There was only one thing to do.
            Adrenaline flooded my system and it was as if time slowed.  The trog translator bent to grab my sword.  I flashed across the two meters separating us, drawing the sword even as his hand wrapped around the scabbard.  I slashed his chest in passing as I rushed the closest trogs.
            I wove among the trogs, breaking a trog's knee with a kick.  I slashed a trog to my right and punched another in front of me.  Spinning, I hacked the arm of one who had been behind me.  Dropping, I rolled backward, came up and drove my sword into the gut of a third trog.  Yanking the blade free, I whirled to face the attack which must be coming from behind.
            There was no attack.  All around me, the trogs backed away, pointing and muttering.
            The translator, blood flowing down his chest, stared at me, agape.
            "Y-you defended the cellar at the desert outpost," he said.
            Dropping Boost before it dropped me, I nodded.
            "You were in the alley yesterday.  And in the bar."
            "You left out your scouting party before the outpost," I said.
            "How many have you killed?" he asked.
            "Just trogs?" I said.  "Or should I count men who got in my way, too?"
            The translator's eyes widened.
            "As your new leader-" I began.
            "No!" rasped the Great One, staggering to his feet.  "Have not yielded!"
            Anger washed over me, building with each step as I stalked to the trog leader.  Dropping my sword, I hit the swaying leader with an uppercut to the chin.  His eyes rolled back and he dropped.
            I glared at the trogs surrounding me and yelled, " Now he yields!"

Can our hero claim leadership of the trogs?  Find out in Chapter 80, coming Wednesday!