Friday, November 23, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 78

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The trog leader's human translator pushed our hero into the grasp of the Great One!

            The Great One crushed me against his chest, pinning my arms at my side.  Hot, fetid breath assaulted my nose as the trog roared.  I breathed in gasps, the best I could manage in the deadly embrace.  My feet still touched the ground but I had no leverage.  I couldn't lift the trog off his feet or force him to fall backward.
            I pounded my forehead into the trog's face, breaking his nose and blackening his eyes.  His relentless grip never broke.  I tried stomping his feet but he lifted me off the ground.  I kicked his shins, but he only tightened his grip.
            Spots swam before my eyes as I struggled to remember my academy training in xenozoology.  Instead, I recalled something the academy martial arts instructor had told us.
            "Nature works much the same throughout the galaxy," he'd said.  "Any place your body is vulnerable, chances are an alien biped is, as too."
            I drove my knee between the trog's legs.
            The Great One's eyes rolled back, a strangled moan escaped, and his grip eased!  I took my first good breath in what seemed like years, but I was still pinned.
            I drove my knee between the trog's legs again.
            The trog's grip released and he reeled away from me.  He dropped to his knees, hands protecting his groin.  I drew great breaths and kept an eye on moaning trog.
            "Foul blow!" cried the man who had shoved me.  "The human has broken the rules of engagement!"
            That was an odd phrase for a desert madman to use!
            The man screeched something in the trog tongue then said, "You forfeit the challenge!"
            Around me, the trogs raised their spears and advanced.

In the middle of the trog camp and completely surrounded, can our hero do anything other than die?  Find out in Chapter 79, coming Monday!