Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 77

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Our hero stands before the charging trog leader!

            I did the unexpected and charged at the Great One!  I couldn't play it safe and hope to win.
            Just short of the charging trog, I dove, spinning to land on my back and slide on the dewed slicked grass.  The Great One's hands just missed me.  Pulling my knees up to my chest, I threw my arms back against the trog's shins.  He toppled and I kicked up with both legs.  My feet caught him in the stomach and launched him into a flip.
            The trog landed on his back with a grunt and I rolled onto my feet.  As the Great One struggled to his feet, I darted in and landed a punch to the nose.  Blood flowed and he stumbled back a step.
            Again, the Great One opened his arms wide but advanced with more caution.  I guessed he planned to grab and crush me.  There was no way I could let him do that.
            I charged then dodged to the right, landing a blow on his ear before dancing away from his powerful arms.
            Another charge.  Another dodge.  A punch landed where a man's kidney would be.
            The Great One was flailing, unused to this style of fighting.  As long as I kept moving and avoid his sweeping arms, I was sure I could wear the trog down.
            I feinted and skipped away, frustrating the Great One even more.  Then I sensed someone behind me.
            "You asked how trogs fight," the man said quietly.  "It's time to find out!"
            He shoved me at the trog.
            With a roar of triumph, the Great One wrapped his arms around me and squeezed!

Is this the end for our hero?  Find out in Chapter 78, coming Friday!