Friday, November 16, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 75

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Our hero has issued challenge to fight the trog leader known as the Great One!

            The trogs nearest the alley jumped as my challenge rang out.  Silence fell across the camp as I strode to the man who spoke for the trog leader.  I had expected a young man, someone captured as a boy and raised among the trogs.  This man was on the high end of middle-age, with thinning hair, a full beard, and muscular build.  He had done well serving this Great One.
            The penned humans stared at me in disbelief as I passed.  I gave them all a smile.
            "Don't worry," I said, filling my voice with confidence, "I'll have you out of there soon."
            Whispers filtered out of the crowd, "brave" and "foolhardy" being the most common.
            Past the man who spoke for the Great One stood a trog who must be him.  He was tall for a trog, looked like he was solid muscle, and bore the scars from many battles.  I'd expected as much but would have been happy to have been proven wrong.
            "You have issued challenge," said the man.  "The Great One respects your courage and grants you the choice of weapon."
            "I have some questions first," I said.
            "Ask," he said.
            "We fight to the death?"
            "The victor may show mercy.  Do not count on it," he responded.
            "What happens if I win?"
            The man laughed, "That will not happen!"
            "Humor me," I said.
            "You will be the new Great One, leader of all the trogs!" he said.
            "And what weapons do the trogs use among themselves?"
            "No weapons," he replied.
            I unbuckled my sword belt and laid it on the ground.
            I said, "I will fight as the trogs fight -- without weapons!"

Can our hero defeat the Great One in hand-to-hand combat and without using his Boost?  Find out in Chapter 76, coming Monday!