Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 74

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Our hero heads off to challenge the trog leader to single combat!

            Tal broke the silence after a few minutes of walking.
            "This is gonna be easy for you, right?"
            "Why do you think that?"
            "Because you can do that boost thing.  The kid told me about it," Tal replied.
            "It's not that useful against a single opponent," I said.  "A group never has the time to adjust to my quickness and that messes up their teamwork.  A single fighter can adjust faster and better."
            "If you say so," Tal muttered.
            "Besides," I added, "I need to save the Boost in case the trogs attack me after I win the fight."
            Tal nodded, that last bit seemed to make sense to him.
            By the time we reached the trog camp, which sprawled throughout the town square and a small park, the sky was bright enough for me to make out details.  Trogs were cooking, eating, sharpening spears, standing guard, and just sitting around doing nothing.  The human prisoners were packed into a temporary pen in the middle of the camp.
            "Stay hidden up here, Tal," I said.  "If I have to make a run for it, cover fire from your crossbow will help a lot."
            Tal hunkered down on the roof and said, "You got it."
            I moved away from Tal while keeping an eye on the camp.  I jumped down into an empty alley to wait for the challenge.  It wasn't long in coming.
            "Humans!" a man's voice called.  "Once again, the Great One will allow one of you to issue challenge to him!  Who will face him in single combat?"
            Stepping out from the alley, I responded, "I, Scout First Class David Rice, challenge the Great One!"

Is this a challenge for leadership, as David hopes, or just an entertaining way for the Great One to kill humans?  Find out in Chapter 75, coming Friday!