Monday, November 12, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 73

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After much coaxing, Callan delivers a royal request for David to challenge the trog leader to single combat!

            "Requeshed and require?" a voice slurred before I could answer.  "Ish she a prinshesh or shomething?"
            "Kim!" cried Milo, a grin splitting his face.  "You're awake!  And drunk!"
            Milo rushed to his sister, quickly followed by Tristan and Nist.  Sarn and Tal slept on.  Only Raoul saw Callan pull me outside.
            On the rooftop, she melted against me.  We just held each other and time left us.
            "Hey, David?  Your Highness?" Milo's voice broke the spell.  "Whoa!  Hey, sorry.  I didn't mean to interrupt!"
            "What is it, Milo?" Callan asked.
            "I was just making sure you were safe," Milo said.  Ducking back toward the hiding place, he added, "I'm glad you're taking your job seriously, David!"
            Callan cast a quizzical look at me.
            "I'm, uh, guarding your royal body."
            Callan clapped a hand over her mouth to stifle a giggle and body shook with laughter.  And that felt good, too.
            When she was still again, I said, "I don't know the formal words to answer-"
            "I know your answer, David," Callan said.  "But the formal phrase is accept and accede."
            "What is it with royalty and alliteration?" I asked.
            "Oh hush and kiss me."
            "I accept and accede," I replied.
            Then time went away again.
            Dawn was breaking when Tristan and Tal came for me.
            "It's time to go, lad."
            Tal, my guide, was armed with a crossbow and a sword.
            I gave Callan a last embrace, "If anything happens to me, Tristan..."
            "I'll take care of her, lad," he said.  "You can count on that."
            I shared one last look with Callan, then Tal and I set off to challenge the trog leader.

Is this the last Callan will see of our hero?  Find out in Chapter 74, coming Wednesday!