Monday, November 5, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 70

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Carrying supplies and a wounded man, our hero returns to his companions.

            We moved at a snail's pace, freezing at every sound.  The fifteen minute trip dragged out to an hour and a half.  We were all on edge when we got to the hiding place.
            One look at Callan showed that I'd had the far easier task.  She was huddled in a corner, her face drawn and pale.  She held a leather strap with new bite marks.  Without anesthesia, the surgery must have been unnerving.
            Tristan took charge, ordering Nist to apply various concoctions to Kim's wound while examining Sarn's wound and mine.  Proclaiming mine the least serious, Tristan selected a bottle of liquor.  With a nod toward Callan, he gave it to me.
            Sinking to the floor, I offer the bottle to Callan, "Drink."
            Her eyes widened at my bloody shoulder.
            "Tristan says it's not serious," I said, pressing the bottle to her lips.
            Callan swallowed.  Her cheeks flushed and her eyes watered.
            "Are you trying to poison me, David?" she gasped.
            "Doctor's orders," I said, also drinking.  "Now, tell me about it or you get another drink!"
            Callan leaned into me and I drew her close.  From his corner, Raoul glared at me.
            Callan looked at Milo's sister.  "She was so brave.  Never cried out."
            Once Callan had begun, the words tumbled out.  Callan told of the pain in Kim's eyes, her crushing grip, her stream of tears, and her body held rigidly still so Tristan could operate.
            "I felt so helpless," Callan finished.
            Before I could reply, Tal sat down before me.
            "The doctor said I should talk to you," he said.  "He says I've got the answer."
            "To what?"
            Tal replied, "Beating the trogs!"

Can the trogs be beaten?  Find out in Chapter 71, coming Wednesday!