Friday, November 2, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 69

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Our hero is wounded and surrounded by trogs!

            Weaponless, I was in big trouble!  I was about to Boost, hoping I'd stay conscious afterwards, when I heard a thunk.  The trog behind me toppled forward.  I spun behind him, holding him up.  Two spears plunged into the trog.
            Agony shot through my wounded shoulder as I shoved the trog into the others.  They went down in a heap.  Picking up my sword, I ordered my implant to release a pain killer.  Agony receding, I finished off the three trogs then rejoined the battle.
            A minute later, the trogs were dead.  One of the thugs was dead and Sarn had a deep leg wound.  Milo stood at the door, a long piece of wood in his hands.
            "You didn't stay on the roof," I said.
            "I saw another trog coming," Milo said.  "I saved your life!"
            "Good point," I admitted.
            "That's sweet," rough voice said.  "Now, get out here."
            "You're welcome," I said.
            He stared at me.
            "For saving your worthless lives," I said.
            "We didn't need you," he said.
            "Gort?" said Sarn.  "I need a doctor."
            Rough voice -- Gort -- said, "We don't got a doctor."
            "I do," I said.  "The Desert Doctor, no less.  I'll take Sarn to him for the supplies."
            Gort shook his head, "Sorry Sarn, my supplies are worth-"
            A chair smashed over Gort's head and he crumpled.
            "You really got a doctor?" the third thug asked.
            "Yes," I said.
            "You and the kid carry the supplies," he said.  "I'll help Sarn."
            Minutes later, Tal -- the third thug -- braced Sarn and we headed to the hiding place.  Darkness and luck were our only allies.  I prayed they were all we would need.

Since crash landing on the planet, nothing has gone easily for our hero.  Will the trek back to the hiding place be any different?  Find out in Chapter 70, coming Monday!