Monday, October 8, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chatper 58

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Trogs are dropping out of the air -- right on top of our heroes and their airship!

            I kicked the trog in the chest as he fought for balance.  He stumbled and toppled over the railing.  Raoul thrust his sword through the next trog on the deck.  Two more landed as Raoul pulled his blade free of the dead trog.  I slashed wildly at each, driving both back a couple of steps.  But three more trogs jumped onto the airship!
            "Princess," I called, "take the wheel!  Steer wildly to keep the trogs off balance.  It'll be harder for more to jump to the deck, too."
            Raoul ducked under a spear thrust, cutting the trog's legs out from under him.
            "Over here, Raoul!" I said.  "Back to back defending the princess."
            The deck swung beneath as Callan took the wheel.  Raoul stumbled toward me and I steadied him.  We each grabbed a ship's line with our free hand.  Three trogs plunge past the ship as the four remaining trogs lumbered toward us.
            "I thought you were a super swordsman," Raoul said.  "Use your boost thing!"
            I drove my sword at a trog's face.  He dove to the deck.
            "I won't use the boost until it get really bad," I said.
            Raoul swung on his line, kicking a trog in the face.
            "How can it get much worse?" Raoul asked.
            Ripping from above answered Raoul's question.  Hitting the airship's gasbag, a trog had slashed a hole before the airship's gyrations threw him off.
            Hot air gushed through the hole and the Pauline lost altitude rapidly.  I hazarded a look below.  Our flight had taken us over the city of Faroon.
            We were going down into a city full of trogs!

Not even our hero's Boost can fight off a city full of trogs!  What can our heroes do?  Find out in Chapter 59, coming Wednesday!