Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 68

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Trogs pile into the bar where David hopes to find medical supplies!

            Wonderful, I was about to risk my life for rough voice and his gang of thugs!  Well, for their hoard of supplies, anyway.
            "Milo, stay hidden,"  I said.  "If I'm not out in fifteen minutes, go report to the princess."
            "Report?  That's it?" Milo asked.
            "That's enough.  The princess must be told what has happened," I said.  "Can I count on you?"
            Milo nodded as shouts rose from the bar.  I cast a smile at Milo, jumped to the street, and dashed across it into the bar.
            Chaos reigned inside.  Brawny Sarn kept four trogs at bay by swinging two big clubs wildly about.  Rough voice was behind the bar, cocking a crossbow, while the other two thugs stood on the other side of the bar swinging swords with great enthusiasm and little skill.  A trog lay within the door, a crossbow bolt through one eye.
            I couldn't risk Boosting again today, so stayed on the outskirts of the fight.  A trog lurched away from Sarn's clubs and I ran him through.  Rough voice fired his crossbow at the same time, hitting a trog in the chest.  In the confusion, I charged in and slashed deeply into a trog's leg.  Rough voice's eye went wide when he saw me and the wounded trog yelled warning to the others.  Two trogs came at me in a rush, driving me back toward the door.
            I sensed something behind me and jumped to the left.  The trog spear meant for my neck scraped across my shoulder.  Pain flared from the deep cut and my hand spasmed.  With a clatter, my sword fell to the floor.
            The trogs closed in for the kill!

Weaponless and surrounded by trogs, can our hero survive?  Find out in Chapter 69, coming Friday!