Monday, October 29, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 67

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Can the Desert Doctor save Milo's sister?

            I looked at Milo, giving an animated recount of my fight.  Callan smiled, laughed, and gasped in all the right places.  Her eyes betrayed her true emotions; worry for her kingdom and for Milo's sister, sympathy for the boy capering before her.
            "Now that we've got the medicine," Milo said, "the Desert Doctor will save Kim!"
            "Such faith the young man has in an old man," sighed Tristan.
            "As he should," said Nist.  "Though you are not an old man."
            "I'm not?"
            "No, Master.  You are a very old man!"
            Tristan's lips twitching upward, "I'm writing you out of my will, scamp!"
            Tristan turned to me, "I hate to send you out again, lad, but I need a few medical items for the girl's recovery.  I've made a list."
            "I can't read it, Tristan," I said.
            "Not surprising, given your story.  Take Milo.  He shouldn't be here during the surgery, anyway."
            Milo scanned the list, relieved to have something to do.
            "What do you need liquor for?" he asked.
            "It will help Kim with the pain," Tristan said.
            "It's not to calm your nerves?  Like my Uncle Torm?" Milo said, looking hard at Tristan.
            "Certainly not!" Tristan replied.
            Satisfied, Milo headed out.  We found a nearby apothecary already cleaned out.
            "It was probably Gort and his gang," Milo mused.
            "The thugs from the rooftop?"  At Milo's nod, I continued, "Any idea where to find him?"
            "A bar," Milo said, "and liquor's on the list."
            It was dusk before we spotted Sarn.   He sprinted from an alley and into a bar.  We weren't the only ones looking for him.
            A trog patrol, a dozen strong, charged after him!

Trogs and thugs stand between our hero and the supplies the Desert Doctor needs.  Can David get the supplies?  Find out in Chapter 68, coming Wednesday!