Friday, October 26, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 66

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Nist and Milo have been captured by a gang of human thugs!

            I couldn't reach Nist before the gang could kill him, but I wasn't going to let Nist die.
            "Kill him," I called, running down the roof, "and you'll answer to me!"
            Rough voice motioned to the biggest and strongest of the bunch, "Sarn, teach that guy a lesson."
            Sarn grinned and charged.  The others grinned, too.  At least Nist had a brief reprieve.
            Sarn was a brawler.  The way he moved revealed all.  He showed no subtlety, no grace.  He relied entirely on size and strength.  Boost wasn't needed.
            I tucked, rolled, and came up at him with fists together, driving with my legs.  Sarn folded, his breath whooshing out.  A spin kick and Sarn reeled, collapsing at rough voice's feet.  My sword was at Sarn's throat before the others could react.
            "Let.  Them.  Go."
            The other two released Nist and Milo.
            "Now the medicine kit," I said to rough voice, "or I'll take it from your corpse."
            "Don't think you've won," rough voice said, tossing the medicine kit to Nist.  "Once the trogs are gone, I'll report you to the guard.  Who do you think they'll believe, four citizens or a child and two foreigners?"
            "They'll believe a member of the Royal Guard -- me," I said.  "You deserve a sound thrashing, but I've got more important things to do now.  If I see you again, though..."
            Moments later we were back at Milo's hiding place.  Milo, with Callan's encouragement, launched into a breathless account of their exploits.  Nist gave the kit to Tristan.
            "I've asked her Highness to keep the boy distracted," Tristan murmured.  "His sister has a deep spear wound in her side.  She might not survive surgery!"

Will all our hero's efforts to save Milo's sister be for naught?  Find out in Chapter 67, coming Monday!