Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 65

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Milo and Nist haven't returned with Tristan's medicine kit!

            "Where are the other two?" Tristan asked.
            "We had to split up," I said, dropping Raoul in a corner.  "I rescued the Spare Prince from trogs while Nist and Milo went after the medical kit."
            "The trogs did that to Raoul?" Callan asked.
            "No, I did."
            Callan's left eyebrow arched, so I added, "Raoul attacked me.  I hit him on the head."
            "Hard?" she asked.
            "Good," she said.  "And now you're going back out to find Nist and Milo?"
            "That's the plan."
            Callan lifted her head and kissed me lightly.  "Be careful."
            "As you wish, Highness" I said.
            Soon, I was back on the rooftops, running back the way I had come.  Trog shouts and calls echoed through the city, but none were near.  Had the trogs been frightened off by me or were they stalking the area in silence?  Whatever the reason, the silence allowed other sounds to carry.  That's how I heard Milo's voice.
            "Give that back!" Milo cried.  "It's not yours!"
            A rough voice answered, "Anything I can take is mine, kid.  This bag of medicine will be worth a fortune."
            "But my sister will die without it!"
            "Sister, eh?" said the voice.  "Take us to her, boy.  I'm sure we'd all like to meet her!"
            Coarse laughter rose from several throats.
            "Leave the boy alone!" Nist said.  "You have what you want.  Take it and go!"
            I came over a rooftop and saw them on the next roof.  Four men surrounded Milo and Nist.  Nist held his head as blood seeped between his fingers.
            "I'm getting tired of his lip," the rough-voiced man said to his men.  "Kill him!"

Can David save Nist and Milo?  Can he recover the medicine kit?  Find out in Chapter 66, coming Friday!