Monday, October 22, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 64

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On their way to get Tristan's medical kit, our heroes discover Prince Raoul has been captured by trogs!

            Raoul jumped as a trog poked his backside with a spear.  The other trogs wheezed.  Laughter, I assumed.
            "The jerk got caught," Milo whispered.  "Serves him right.
            "I should just leave him, like he left us," I sighed.
            "But you're not going to," Milo said.  "because you're not like him."
            "You two, get the medical kit and go straight back to the hiding place.  Don't wait for me," I said.  "I can find my way back there, I think."
            "The Spare Prince doesn't deserve this," Nist said.
            "I'm not doing it for him," I said.  "Get going!"
            Bent low, the two ran off.  I stalked the trogs from above until Nist and Milo were out of sight.
            I jumped, my slashing blade decapitating the rearmost trog.  I rolled with the landing, running through another as I came up.  I reversed the blade, stabbing into the gut of a trog behind me.  The two remaining trogs ran, abandoning Raoul.
            "You!" Raoul spat, hatred and relief battling across his face.
            Hatred won.  Raoul gave into rage.  Hands tied behind his back, Raoul lowered his head and charged.  I stepped into his charge and put all of my strength and weight behind a right cross.  My sword pommel smashed into Raoul's temple and he dropped.  It wasn't very sporting but it was very satisfying!
            Cutting off a piece of a trog's loincloth, I stuffed it in Raoul's mouth, gagging him.  Shouldering Raoul, I found stairs to the rooftops in a nearby alley.  Twenty minutes later, I lugged Raoul into the hiding place.
            Callan's and Tristan's eyes widened when they recognized Raoul, but I had other worries.
            Nist and Milo weren't back!

Are Milo and Nist merely being careful or has something happened to them?  Find out in Chapter 65, coming Wednesday!